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I'm still alive!

As I've gotten older, I'm seeing more of this "journey" they speak of, that is life. Naively, when I was younger, I thought you do this by this age, that by that age. It's not like that. At all. In my life, or others'. Sure, a lot of my friends have done "the timeline:" landed the amazing career, gotten engaged, married, bought a house, announced the pregnancy, but for as many that have, just as many haven't. And guess what? It's OK....but only if you haven't given up. If you have, well, I dunno what to tell you, honestly. I'm still preparing for my big break, and guess what? It's just around the corner....

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Haha check out that last exasperated one about blogs I enjoy reading not being updated frequently enough. Hey, it's only been a little more than 2 years since my last one, no biggie.

I wonder if people even check back here anymore. According to that little doo-hicky on the right side, there are people coming here all the time! Most likely just to use the pictures that are on here somewhere.

A lot has changed since I was around these parts (cue cowboy movie sounds), and I've even learned a few things! Imagine that. And not just about things, but about myself. I guess getting older does have it's  benefits, ehy? Two years ago I was living with my Dad and stepmom, driving them crazy. Those horror stories you hear about the kids in their mid-twenties moving back in and it not working because everyone's used to their schedules (parents) and their independence (kids)? So true.

I was working at a restaurant, quit because the GM acted like a dirty tyrant and I just …
I'm so disappointed when I go to my favorite blog and there hasn't been a post in a few days. Even more so when there hasn't been a post in 4 months *cough* Mackenzie *cough*. But then I realize, what a hypocrite! I haven't written on here in exactly 4 months.

There have been a lot of stories in the news about zombie-like acts lately, and it's really quite scary! You never know who's really a monster..could be your neighbor or that creepy guy who comes in and requests you to be their server every week *gulp*. Recently I've learned of these horrible pieces of news:

someone eating a man's face
a dad beheading his own daughter because he wasn't happy with her lifestyle
a man chopping up another man and sending his body parts to different places
a woman with a flesh-eating disease after falling off a zip line
the Twilight series has another movie coming out

Being a 27 year old in 2012, I feel strangely as if I'm falling behind in the technology. I c…

My Interview with MoeTar :)

On a sunny day at the end of January, I had a Skype chat with the two founding members of MoeTar, Moorea Dickason and Tarik Ragab, an alternative/prog/art rock band from California. Moorea informed me they were going to be “those cliché California people” and be going to the beach shortly, so I got the interviewing rolling right away. Christen LaFond: How was the band formed? How did MoeTar start? Moorea Dickason: Well…Tarik and I are married and that’s why it’s really easy for us to do interviews at home in our kitchen [laughs]. He’s a songwriter and bass player and I’m a singer and arranger. We’ve been together for 10 years and we’ve made music together since we met. We met through music. This band is our baby. Tarik really started it, writing the music…we’ve had a couple bands in the past that kind of faded out and this was going to be our big project. The two of us started working out the music and then we asked some guys to get together and start a band, man. [laughs]