Friday, January 30, 2009

Duffy - Rockferry

When Welsh singer Aimee Duffy was 11, she was thrown out of her school choir for having a voice that didn’t fit in with the rest of the group. She certainly has a unique voice, that’s for sure. Her debut album, Rockferry, includes a variety of genres such as pop, Motown, soul, blues, lounge, and even some rock. All in all, it’s like a 1960s album produced in 2008.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smashing success? I think not.

This is a video of Pete Townshend smashing his guitar. I can't stand when artists do this. Carlos Santana has never tried it and says, "I'll sacrifice other things, but not my guitar." That statement is dead on. Why would you want to ruin something that has been with you through so much! Rehearsals, concerts, recordings... My guitar is special to me (it was the last blue sparkle one left in the country, yknow!) I get upset if I bump it into the wall. I'm sure it adds to the fact that I don't have millions of dollars to buy endless amounts of guitars, but still. Especially for famous guitarists...this magnificient instrument got you to where you are today! If it weren't for the guitar where would you be? (Probably playing something else like the ukelele but that's a different story....)And the thanks you give it is to smash it on the floor into smithereens just for 30 seconds of an adrenaline rush?
I was at a Maroon 5 concert last summer. It was fabulous of course. Adam Levine was looking good, paying homage to the acoustic guitar by sporting a tattoo of one on his forearm. Well, I guess he doesn't like the electric kind too much because at the end of the set he starts smashing one! I was outraged! What the HECK!? That immediately made me like him less (crazy, I know).
After he was finished making himself look like an idiot and the poor guitar was more dead than roadkill, he went on to hand what was left of the guitar to an elated fan in the front row. I have to admit, I did feel a twinge of jealousy that I was only 5 rows behind her and didn't get it myself...but would I really want a destructed, pathetic pile of wood, plastic, and steel? How sad.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hitler is sooo much better than Hussein

Everyone knows the story about the poor little boy named Adolph Hitler. I'm talking in this decade. What is wrong with people? How can they think that it is normal to name your son Hitler? I watched the news maybe a week or two ago when this story was current, and the mom was crying saying "why are people making a big deal of this?" I cannot even fathom what could be going through someone's head to make them, on a day that should be so joyful...the day your baby is name him after one of the most hated persons in history. Now I know naming your kid Apple or Zuma like celebrities do isn't the most thoughtful thing on a parent's part, but they will be teased a lot less than this poor kid.

This is what an article on MSNBC revealed....

“A name is a name,” Heath Campbell said last December.

Jeanne Coverdale, the kid’s aunt, offered an analogy to people who feel the names are in bad taste.

“What about tomorrow night when the President of the United States stands up and say, is forced to say, my name is Barack Hussein Obama. How’s that going to hit the world?” Coverdale said. "I'm saying the one with the middle name he has, was a terrorist.”

Coverdale says it’s “no different” than having a name like Adolf Hitler.

Deborah insists they are not part of the Aryan Nation or fans of what Hitler is famous for and said the swastika tattoo her husband displays on his arm is simply art.

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The aunt is saying that Hussein was a terrorist so people will react negatively to the name...but it's fine to name your kid Adolph Hitler- Makes perfect sense. I just hope the kid can get his name changed somehow before it ruins his life.

Composing The Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney (1966-1970)

Composing The Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney 1966-1970 provides a refreshing, different spin on the usual Beatles documentary. Instead of generally speaking of The Beatles' lives or pathway to and through success, the film covers the collaborations of Paul McCartney and John Lennon and dissects their songs.
While discussing the songwriting that made the most successful band in the world, the film simultaneously encompasses their lives, but not enough to make it the sole topic. We see interviews with band members' friends, writers, authors, and broadcasters who are more than qualified to share their views of the musical compositions.
The panel members discuss.....

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby You Can Drive My Car..Just don't do it like an ultramaroon

So I'm driving home from work. Should be an easy task, right? No way. The morons on the road drive me crazy! Didn't they take driving lessons? I need to vent for just a minute on this topic...Let me preface this by saying no, I'm not always in a HUGE rush but c'mon- Why take 30 minutes to get home when it should actually take only a measly 15? First of all, people, there is a turning lane for a reason. You pull up into the intersection, wait for your chance to go, and do it! Go! Drive! Why do you feel the need to sit behind the line when the light is green? It will take all day. You will never get through the light, and neither will anyone behind you so take the plunge and turnnnnn. Speaking of turning...why do people feel the need to bring their car into a huge half circle when making a right? You aren't pulling a tractor trailer. You don' t need to make sure that the back end of your car doesn't swing out wildly into traffic if you don't give the curb an extra 30 feet of space before you approach it. It won't.
However, what will wildly approach you, is another vehicle if you're trying to get into the passing lane on the highway. They will see your turn signal, realize you're trying to pass the little old man going 15 mph on the highway, and say "Hellllll no, you aren't getting in front of me, buddy!" All because you didn't want to get stuck behind the little old man. But now you're done for because Mr. Hell No is going to speed up so you can't do anything. You're trapped. Now you're stuck behind both Mr. Hell No and Little Old Man! So Little Old Man finally rolls down the exit ramp and you are free. Freedom awaits- you're no longer stuck! But you aren't supposed to pass someone in the right lane and Mr. Hell No is just itching for a race. Can't you just drive in peace? " Leave me alone!" you scream in your car. But it won't end, and that nutcase will be going to the same destination you are - 2 hours away.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

International Beatles Freak Day!!

So Today is International Beatles Freak Day! Take a look at the holiday's website.

In honor of the fabulous day I've created a little story. It's kinda corny, but was fun to write- Enjoy!

Good Morning Good Morning

Yes It Is but Tell Me Why you woke me from my Golden Slumbers? It was a Hard Day’s Night! I worked like a dog!
I Should’ve Known Better. I thought the Two Of Us could walk The Long And Winding Road to the shoppe. I think it’ll be fun In Spite of All the Danger!
I’ve Got a Feeling I don’t have a choice.
So how are you doing today?
I Feel Fine. Lend Me Your Comb so I can get ready. And can you give me some Help! I can’t find my other Old Brown Shoe.
Sure no problem.
-Ahh! What was that!? I’ve Just Seen a Face!
Oh, it’s just Michelle. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.
How peculiar. Natural occurrence though, I suppose. Can’t we just Drive My Car to the shoppe?
So what’s new? How is Julia?
Well, I told her ‘I wanna Be Your Man’ and she said Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby and walked away. I Just Don’t Understand. I thought I was a good guy So How Come No One Loves Me?
Cheer up, I know She Loves You. But what do you expect? She’s A Woman. Why don’t you ask a female for advice? Your Mother Should Know something about her own kind.
That’s a good idea. Hey! Slow Down you Little Child! You Can’t Do That! Wow…can you believe kids these days? Running around with the old Fool On the Hill’s dentures. I hope When I’m Sixty Four my grandchildren behave better than that.
Gee, Penny Lane sure is long. Took a good half hour to get to the shoppe. Say, can I borrow a fiver for this notepad? I need it real bad.
You didn’t bring any Money??
Oh c’mon. You Never Give Me Your Money. It’s gonna burn a hole in your pocket. Oh! I need some Cayenne pepper. I almost forgot. Fine, here’s five bucks but next time I’m not coming if you’re gonna ask me for dough, know what I Mean Mr. Mustard? Ooh what’s this….
Will you Let It Be already? I’m So Tired and When I Get Home I have to sleep Because tomorrow is a very special day! International Beatles Freak Day!
Didn’t you tell me The Night Before that it was Yesterday?
No I didn’t…but anyway, you have to rest too, because it won’t just be This Boy that’s wearing a mop top wig – You, me, and Beatles fans from Across The Universe will be celebrating!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Dali Dimension

The Dali Dimension
Decoding the Mind of a Genius (DVD)

If you’ve ever associated the words crazy, weird, or just plain strange with Salvador Dali, you’re not alone. The opening image of The Dali Dimension shows the famous painter throwing paint-filled eggs at a canvas while standing in a huge egg-shaped structure. However, this documentary proves that Dali was not only far from a crazy person; he bordered more along the lines of an eccentric genius.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

* Is this for real? *

Sex Offender Wins Raffle for Abuse Victim Charity

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A convicted sex offender won a $500,000 Alaska raffle that was a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization that helps victims of sexual abuse.

Alec Ahsoak of Anchorage, 53, came forward Saturday to collect his prize.

The state sex offender registry lists Ahsoak as convicted of two counts of sexual abuse of a minor in 1993 and one count in 2000.

The raffle drawing was Friday night.

State law says all games of chance must benefit a charity. The designated beneficiary for the half-million dollar raffle was Standing Together Against Rape, or STAR.

Ahsoak says he plans to use the money to buy a home and to improve his life. He tells KTUU-TV he will donate $100,000 to STAR.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year. New Blog. It is my umpteenth attempt at having some sort of identity on the Internet besides Myspace or Facebook. I've been trying to make websites since probably the age of 13. I struggled with the html codes for hours until I finally had 3 things on my webpage- victory!
Now, you copy and paste one huge code and *poof* your page is instantly transformed into a beautiful work of art. No work needed on your part at all. I must've started up 5 different blog pages in the past just to lose interest within a week.
But it feels better because I already have something on my blog to get me started. My music reviews. It's a lot easier to continue something once it's already started (as obvious as that sounds). So here is my "introduction" to my blog. I'm excited to have it and keep it going this time :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Manchester Orchestra I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child

The Manchester Orchestra
I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child

Andy Hull, front man of The Manchester Orchestra, though only in his early 20s, has a lot of ambition musically. He originally intended The Manchester Orchestra to be a solo project; the ‘orchestra’ being his friends contributing to the album, but eventually it morphed into a five piece band. He is also the Co-President of Manchester’s label, Favorite Gentlemen. His voice is soft and although it sometimes doesn’t fit with the music perfectly, still works with, rather than against it. This is evident from the first song, “Wolves at Night”, which contains lyrics translated into the name of the album.
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The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Memories

The Beatles
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Memories

The cover of The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Memories reminds one of the Magical Mystery Tour (MMT) itself, with psychedelic colors and bubble letters. The first thing that stands out, though in tiny print on the back cover, is that none of the songs on the DVD are performed by The Beatles. That’s disappointing.
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Imperial Vipers Broken

Imperial Vipers

Rock n’ Roll. Clever lyrics. Memorable compositions. Imperial Vipers bring all of this and more with them on Broken, their second studio album. Hailing from Dunstable, England, the five-piece band has been out on the scene for almost four years, but sound as if they’ve spent their whole lives together, collaborating and writing songs.
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Sweetmeat and the Silverfish

Sweetmeat and the Silverfish
Sweetmeat and the Silverfish

With a name as intriguing as Sweetmeat and the Silverfish, it might be hard to not see what the band has to offer. Will it be ear candy or somewhat hard to swallow?
The first track, “Can’t Start” in fact, does start, and very nicely, indeed. A mix of saxophone, acoustic guitar and keyboards flow into a toe-tapping steady beat. Michael Stefanski, the lead singer, has a voice that sometimes can leave something to be desired. While his voice has a huskiness that fits in well with the rock genre, sometimes it can sound a little strained and not flow particularly well with the music. “Too Much Talk” brings with it a ska feel, especially with the fast piano chords. The whole CD has ska and reggae elements such as accented offbeat’s, bluesy chords, and a few horns thrown in here and there.
“Texas” might be the most fun track on the album. The guitar riff and beat in the song is very reggae and has a feel-good style, whereas “Grey Mourning” is sort of depressing, not only by the title but also by the sad musical composition and lyrics.
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Aeolian Race Landlocked Nation

Aeolian Race
Landlocked Nation

Aeolian Race’s Landlocked Nation most certainly lives up to one of its genres: experimental. The album begins with “The Caspian Sea” consisting of sounds that could come from space: high-pitched tuning of an aerial and laser beams. That eclectic mix takes us into “The Hidden Queen of the Drone Throne” which has keyboards sounding as though they may be being played by a toddler, banging and playing around. Later in the song, some guitar riffs change the sound altogether to a more rock genre, which is carried over into the next track.
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Jakob Dylan Seeing Things

Jakob Dylan
Seeing Things

Looking for something besides the as-of-late computerized, synchronized, digitalized music of 2008? Pick up Jakob Dylan’s Seeing Things. He brings back the simplicity that music began with - only a guitar, some drums, and vocals.
Maybe it is that rawness, or the themes of working for what you have that bring up the feeling, but the album brings to mind an old America, working on the farms and the idea that good does actually exist in the world. If you’re looking for sounds indicative of The Wallflowers, you’ll be disappointed. Whereas Dylan’s voice seems to be surpassed by The Wallflowers’ fast-paced, upbeat guitar riffs, this album has a tempo that he can keep up with. It gives off a very bluesy vibe that would be well-suited for sitting back and relaxing with a glass of wine after work.
“Evil is Alive and Well” composition-wise, is put together very well and has lyrics that make you think –
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Royal Hunt Collision Course

Royal Hunt
Collision Course

If you’re a fan of music that sounds as if it comes from fantasy or role playing games, you will probably enjoy Collision Course by Royal Hunt. The album is one long chain of rock, all songs blending together from beginning to end, which gives a sense of comfort in knowing what to expect.
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Presence Evil Rose

Evil Rose

Presence’s seventh album, Evil Rose is anything but humble. Whether it is with good reason is up to you. For me, it wasn’t. Before even listening to the music, read the booklet and find such lyrics as “The hate you’re talkin’ wonder me I’ve never thought this might could be in you the love you’ve talkin’ too my dear is just be blessed with domineering”. Presence is an Italian group, and deserves full credit for attempting to translate their lyrics into meaningful English prose. Singer Sophya Baccini’s voice just has a quavering quality that doesn’t suit my fancy.
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The Shoreline Out Of Nowhere

The Shoreline
Out of Nowhere

If you like bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Mae, and Paramore, then you will probably enjoy The Shoreline’s debut album, Out of Nowhere. By the second and third listen of the CD, the hint of sameness fades away and it is easier to pick out different elements in the music and lyrics. Singer Jose Solorzano’s voice can sound grungy, at times nasally, and sometimes reminiscent in both sound and style of Coheed & Cambria lead singer Claudio Sanchez, though not as high-pitched.