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Oogley Googley

Have you ever Googled yourself? Since my name isn't Mary Smith, thankfully (no offense, Mary) when I look up my name something pertaining to me actually pops up. I can see articles I wrote for my college newspaper, my music reviews, my Facebook, an unfinished Linkedin profile, and probably everyone I'm friends with on Facebook eventually shows up. Not to mention some dude named Christian LaLonde. I search for my name...Google asks me "Did you mean Christian LaLonde?" "No." Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Google: "Did you mean Christian LaLonde?" Still no. But the user friendly search engine still gives me results for good old Christian before mine.

Having the name Christen spelled with a "Ch" proves to be VERY confusing for some people. I have to be called Christine, or Christina, Chrissy, Christian...there can't possibly be a differen't way to spell Kristen, can there?! Sometimes I get frusterated with my spelling. But …

Cappuccino or Bust?

I really think that drinking coffee is as much a social activity as it is drinking it for energy. When I got my first office job, I felt pretty sophisticated. I was no longer waitressing or cashiering. I was a real working woman! Since then, I've noticed that my coffee intake has significantly gone up. I don't want to be the only one at the office not sipping my cup of joe while having our morning chat! Though I only really drink iced coffee, I have been throwing a few warmish coffees in every now and then. And I'm not even actually sure caffeine does anything for me - I'm acquring a taste for coffee, something I'd of been ashamed of not too long ago. Coffee breath rivaled onion breath in my book.

My mom pointed something out - adding coffee to my daily intake is something that I don't need. I take my iced coffee light and sweet, so there is a lot of extra calories I do not need! (Especially on the days that I *gasp* have two cups) I'd better start …

Young Memphis Bout That Time

From looking at the cover of Bout That Time, the kid has the right idea when it comes to proving his status with bling – he’s got huge gold rings, grills showing, even a backwards baseball cap that proclaims he’s “Iced Out.” But someone has got to tell Young Memphis that Flava Flav called – and he wants his big clock necklace back.
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Say What?

Can I just say that Vietnamese people must have exquisite hearing. Now, I must admit.. I must be pretty uncultured because unfortunately, I don't have any Vietnamese friends, so I can't ask them directly. But how is it, at the nail salon, that the person looking down at your nails filing them can talk so quietly, and still be heard by their co-worker across the room? I can barely hear them! I swear they're wearing headsets...they must be. When they ask me a question about the length of my nail, sitting less than 2 feet away from me, I have to ask them to repeat their question. And I know they asked me in a louder voice than when they're chatting with each other. How is it possible?! I wish I could hear that well!

AG Silver Love Keeps No Score

AG Silver’s style on the EP Love Keeps No Score isn’t something we have never heard before, but it is so polished and finely cultivated that it grabs you and makes you listen. Singer Jon Ornee’s poignant vocals and soothing voice mesh with the music so well, sometimes you think they are one. The guitars, piano, drums, and bass run together like a well-oiled machine. Nothing is out of place.

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