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I grew up with a father that loved the Beatles, and a mother that liked them a lot as well. Yea I heard a few songs, mostly the popular Eight Days a Week, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and such (or maybe those stick out in my memory most). Not too long ago I became quite enamored with them myself after I acquired their whole music collection. It’s fantastic! Though I may have heard them, I didn’t realize I did…songs like Fool On the Hill, Old Brown Shoe, Honey Pie, etc.
Sometimes I feel as though I’m going into a time warp when I listen to these songs. The 60s. Yes, I was long from being born. Not even a thought in someone’s mind. Not even a wee little egg. Whether in reality the 1960s were like this or not, I imagine it was a much better time than today. I imagine it was a time when kids could play outside and they wouldn’t get kidnapped, where kids could explore abandoned houses without their parents being sued, where there was not so much political correctness and people could go a…