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Ugly Lion - Roots Of Revolution

“Hear the lions roar!” singer Brandon Chustz quite literally roars on “Burn One,” the second song of Ugly Lion’s sophomore album, Roots of Revolution. The band from Texas formed in 2009 and is here to share their self-proclaimed “music with a conscience”; a message of free thought, unity of humanity, and peace.

Currently working on their third EP, Ugly Lion is also touring through the South and Midwest responding to demands of their ever-growing fan base. Through self-promotion, the group certainly has an effective marketing strategy, calling their followers their “pride” and “lions”, and naming their website “The Lion’s Den.” The names denote a certain camaraderie, which would appear to be exactly what the band is looking to do.

Keep On Roarin'..

Sideways Reign - A Stand For All Stages

At first listen Sideways Reign’s sophomore album, A Stand For All Stages, as a whole, risks blending into the background. But at a closer listen, there are some elements that certainly grab the listeners’ attention and keep them wanting more.

Opening track “Oxygen” begins with a calm and rhythmic beat. Just before the 2 minute mark, the energy goes up and changes just before you get a chance to grow tired of the mesmerizing tempo. Later on the music drops back down to a calm pace. The album plays around with timing in a few of the songs, usually when you least expect it. The pace will switch up, keeping you on your toes.

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