Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Christen on Board

Yes, I have another post about motorists- they may just be the thing that angers me most (and I'm really not an angry person, mind you).

Yesterday was beautiful so I went for a bike ride on a trail near my house. For once I went without my iPod and it was a nice change to hear nature instead of music in my ears. The trail crosses a couple of roads, one major, the other just petty little roads (who needs 'em). I come up to the road and this sign is VERY clearly posted for the drivers to see

Now what part of STATE LAW do you not understand? I stood and waited with my bike for 5 cars to pass before a nice, law-abiding driver stopped for me which I promptly waved to thank them for such a nice gesture. I get if someone's just coming up to the crosswalk and the driver's a too little close for them to slam on their brakes to stop for; But when someone's just standing there waiting to cross the road for a while, stop already! That's just rude. Especially for runners. Sometimes that momentum is tough to build back up.

Second of all. What's up with posting these in your car windows?
Maybe you have the cutest baby in the world (according to someone besides yourself) but am I supposed to care? Because I really don't. Is it a way of advertising you gave birth or is it a way of saying "Drive really slowly around me, because I have a precious life in my car that I need to protect." Well so do I, it's called my own, but you don't see me advertising that. According to society, the three biggest groups of people that need to be protected are women, babies, and older people, and girls have taken care of announcing that they're driving by displaying proud license plates and stickers that say "BITCH" and "Mom's Taxi." In the spirit of driving safely, I've created a sticker for the other group to display proudly in their car

And without further adieu, a song that I'm loving recently:

Monday, April 25, 2011

uh...BUM stands for Business Unit Manager

So as some of you may know, I'm currently job searching, which turns out to be IMPOSSIBLE. I've come across other 20 somethings who are looking for work, most of them just getting out of college. Good luck!!

I've been here in Maryland since January searching for my career around DC. It's almost May and guess how many interviews I've guessed it! 0. None. Zip. Zilch. I've even had to go through THREE interviews for a waitressing job. Yes, you heard me. 3. I'm still waiting on that third interview. I'm hoping that the managers are waiting until they have a large enough group to go through training and that's why I haven't had a call...

I would like to know what kind of sick joke the universe is playing on me. Saturday afternoon I get a voicemail from some lady about coming in for an interview. There are a few things wrong with this proposal:

1. What kinda 9-5 job calls on a Saturday afternoon before Easter to talk work?
2. She said she found me on CareerBuilder. If that's true, it may have been from like 5 years ago, because I'm not a big fan (sorry CB)
3. The company she's allegedly calling from is really hard to find online.

The only assumption I can make is that it's a mass attempt to fill positions at a sales job. I've been to these "interviews" before. I walked out.

Today I get a voicemail that goes something like this: HELLO! ----*static*---intake analyst(the title of my position at my job in PA)...-*static*-position's in Atlanta, Georgia -*static*- -* more static*- please call me!-*static*-

Then she gives my email address. After listening to it 4 times, I go online and see that I have an email. Turns out that it's from the same lady saying "Hi Jojovan, nice talking with you" and continues on about some job that this Jojovan is getting and that she needs a little more information.

Well thanks, what are the chances that I get not one, but TWO teases for a job in the matter of two days. As if not hearing from employers wasn't depressing enough.

I can only hope that first come the fake offers, then the real ones...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sing these lyrics to "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5

I didn’t hear what u were saying
I was busy playing my game
I got a Wii for my birthday
A Playstation game again
so don't you dare bother me
bout to go on a shopping spree

If you cared for me, you would shop for me
You would spoil me make me royalty
And it’s not my fault, ’cause I most deserve
What’s coming now, so don’t flip the bird

Toys R Us - bikes and trains and planes and awesome video games
I don’t wanna grow up no more
Wanna grow up - it is no fun
6 foot bears cotton candy heads and puffy princess beds
I don’t wanna grow up no more
Wanna grow up- it is no fun

My lifelong dream is to meet Sir Geoffrey
His neck and spots are just plain sexy
And when he looks into the T.V.
It gives me tingles just to see
His toys are all around me

Feel the need to get more toys

If you cared for me, you would shop for me
You would spoil me make me royalty
And it’s not my fault, ’cause I most deserve
What’s coming now, so don’t flip the bird

Toys R Us - bikes and trains and planes and awesome video games
I don’t wanna grow up no more
Wanna grow up - it is no fun
6 foot bears cotton candy heads and puffy princess beds
I don’t wanna grow up no more
Wanna grow up- it is no funnnn, it is just no fun

I want more and more toys
Things to play around with
Oh what was I thinkin’
I think my room is sinkin’…


Original song Copyright M5/These Lyrics Copyright Christen/Geoffrey Copyright Toys'R'Us

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell

So this is the second day I'm stuck in bed. Yesterday, I'm feeling a little less than motivated to do some physical activity, but I chalked that up to the obvious. Around 1pm I start noticing a slight sore throat, and by 3pm I'm on the couch napping next to Mango. It was as if I'd been hit by a truck, literally. My body ached, my throat was even more sore, and I felt like I had a fever. I proceed to waste the night in bed. Fast forward to this morning, rinse (actually I'm not gonna lie, I didn't shower) and repeat. So it's the next night and this is still me...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The smell of rain is in the air, and I'm pretty sure I just heard the slight rumblings of thunder. My 4.5 month pup Mango has never experienced a full-fledged thunderstorm with us yet, so I hope that she's not too frightened if that happens.

It's great weather to sit near the deck door listening to the rain, write my music review and apply for jobs. Though I am feeling sort of productive today. I cleaned up the kitchen and plan on making salad and jambalaya (one of my favorites!) in a little while.

(You can see how worried Pickles and Mango are about the storm)

Let's talk a little about personal hygiene shall we? I was at the gym the other day at the pool. Along the sides of the pool there are lounge chairs in which people lie around on. I thought it was kind of funny at first, as it's an indoor pool, but I guess it could be kind of relaxing. Anyway, there was a guy on a lounge chair shaving his face with a Bic razor. What? I could've sworn that wasn't allowed, but I thought, as long as he isn't near me, that's fine. So I go into the steam room and he was in there. I don't know if he apparated or what. In there he was shaving, and rinsing himself by pouring a bottle of water over his head, rubbing some kind of cream on his body, and picking whatever is on his feet and letting it fall to the floor. PLEASE save that for the comfort of your own home, or at least the Men's locker room. I don't want to go into the steam room and sit on some other person's body hair that has been shaved off. My dad says he shaves in the sauna. Maybe I could understand if it was a razor that caught the hair as it was falling off....

So the same day, I'm driving home and one of the worst things concerning courtesy on the road happens. I need to get over into the left lane so I can turn for home. Well, there's an opening so I take it. Not saying it's the largest space between me and the person behind, but certainly not accident-causing cutting off. Well the lady behind is VERY angry
and beeps her horn at me. I'm trying to be more calm on the road, so I ignore it and go on my way. Well, she follows me after my left turn. I turn right, she follows. My cul-de-sac is coming up so I put on my left turn signal. Angry driver puts on her left turn signal. Is she following me home to yell at me!? I actually got a little concerned she was. Well she pulls into the parking space across from my house. She's my neighbor. Great.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Plain White T's

So I just installed this super cool widget I saw on someone else's blog that tracks where the people who view your blog are from! (Don't remind me that only 2 people read this regularly right now, one being me. That's irrelevant.)

Anyway, today I went on a cleaning frenzy. Spring time is here, the birds are chirping, the sun is shin-...actually today it looked more like this outside:

but I digress. I needed to organize! I spent hours going through my closet and dresser drawers. Do I really have 40 t-shirts? Why yes, yes I do. But the problem is I can't get rid of any of them. Some I got as gifts, or hold memories (I still have my 5th grade t-shirt with signatures on it), most serve as fabulous gym t-shirts, I have concert T's, ones from various cities I've been to...the only thing I can do is wait until they're worn out to toss 'em. I kinda want this one...

I usually go into these moods where I need to organize everything. I get Glamour magazine, and something that bothers me is when I flip through, I keep flipping to the same articles, and when it comes to throwing it out, I don't because "There might be an article I didn't read!!!" So I've come up with a solution. After I finish reading a page, I rip it out and recycle it. When I'm done, I'm really done with the magazine! I'm very proud of this :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Doggone it

Growing up, my family could never keep a dog. By that I mean we would adopt a dog from the shelter, dog would be expected to be trained already, dog wasn't, and left alone, our house would look like this when we returned:

dog would be returned to shelter or given away, usually after I'd had enough time to get attached.

In turn, I'd always wanted a dog. But I still couldn't seem to acquire one. I lived at school, I lived in an apartment that didn't allow dogs, blah blah. I tried to fill my void of doggage with smaller animals:




Not to downplay my furry and feathery companions, but they just didn't have the same kind of interaction I craved. I'm allergic to cats. I'd never considered myself a "cat person," but desperate times called for desperate measures. Even though my current apartment didn't accept non-caged animals, I figured the landlord RARELY came around, and a coworker's barn cat had just had kittens. What could it hurt to look! Little did I know I'd end up with this blue-eyed cutie


So when I moved in with my Dad and stepmother, Olga, getting a dog was on the agenda, moreso for them than me, but I wasn't objecting. After much deliberation, a Saint Bernard was decided upon as its Olga's favorite dog and she'd had one when she was younger. At first, when we got the pup, she took up 100% of all of our time. She was more trouble than enjoyment for a few weeks, and after weeks of cleaning up pee and getting no signs of love back, I secretly and kind of regretfully was admitting to myself, "Wow, a cat is much easier, don't have to clean up it's excrement (in the same way) and I still get to pet and play with a furry animal with more social ability than a rodent." Was this having a dog? Was I mislead as a child thinking that having a dog was actually enjoyable? Was I really going to grow up being a crotchety old lady with 60 cats on an episode of Animal Hoarders!?

It was discovered that the pup had a bladder infection, and not only was it harder for her to learn to go outside, she was also in pain and not really being able to put her efforts into love. A few weeks later, after some medication and more training, she is the most lovable puppy. I can now honestly understand how some people say dogs are better than people.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

If this ain't good music, then how do we get out?

Where the heck has good music gone? This conversation topic comes up a lot with me lately, but it's tough because at the same time I'm complaining, I'm still listening to the crap on the radio and singing along with it. I think I've talked about this before on here, but it was more geared towards music today versus 60's music. Now I just want to address music in general.

When I heard Adele "Rolling In The Deep" on the radio, I stopped in my tracks. Boy, does that girl have some pipes on her! Her music has soul, feeling, you can hear that she puts her heart into it. After her song ended, Kesha came on. Why is Kesha popular? Supposedly she broke into a popular artist's house and pursued what she wanted. But what exactly did she want? Three fourths of her singles have been about going to the club, getting trashed, sleeping in cars, and flirting with guys with beards. Catchy? Sure. Good? That is to be determined.

Black Eyed Peas. What's up with them? Their "futuristic" music is the same as everyone elses. More computerized, synchronized and technical than they have been in the past. Let's take a look at some lyrics from Avril Lavigne's "What the Hell?"

-All my life I've been good but now,
I'm thinking 'What the hell'
All I want is to mess around,
and I don't really care about
If you love me, If you hate me,
You can't save me-

Now look at "Savior" by Rise Against

-It kills me not to know this but I've all but just forgotten
What the color of her eyes were and her scars or how she got them
As the telling signs of age rain down, a single tear is dropping
Through the valleys of an aging face that this world has forgotten-

There are actual thoughts and feelings in those words, something people can relate to. People can relate to Avril's I guess, but it's just so juvenile. So why is the rift between great and poorly made music becoming bigger? I think the availability of music has a lot to do with it. Artists feel the need to produce quantity, not quality these days. You hear a song on the radio for the first time, you can go home, download it illegally and put it onto your iPod in the next 5 minutes. You listen to the song, tire of it, onto the next. We are the "now" generation and it's ruining our attention spans.

So next time you're singing along to Chris Brown's post-Rihanna beating, pro-party theme with the extremely creative title "Yeah 3x," just ask yourself, could I have waited 5 more minutes for a better song to be recorded?
The video is bizarre...don't pay attention to that (how can you not?)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Exercise: In 300 words or less, write a scene in which one or more characters demonstrate traits like "nice" or "loving" or "wicked" or "pitiful" or any other characteristic through their actions. Make us know the characters through what they say or do, rather than through vague descriptive words.

“I’m just worried about getting too attached.” Gravel jumped out of the way as Bryce skidded into the parking spot outside the bar. Cait opened her door to a muddy puddle. She jumped over it and splashed dirty water on her jeans in the process. She caught up with Bryce who was walking ahead of her into the restaurant. His shoes were dry.
I just need to figure out if this is the right thing for me, without other people affecting my decision.” Cait stared at the glass of water the hostess had brought over, flipping her ice cubes over with the end of her straw. “But…”
“But nothing. I just need to put some space in between us until I figure this out.”
“Will things go back to normal then?”
“It’s possible.”
Cait thought back to when she first met Bryce. They had talked for hours each night. She’d never met anyone she got along with so well. Her heart felt full and she was happy just to be near him. But now everything had changed. His voice pulled her from her thoughts.
“Cait, it’ll be better for both of us in the long run.”
“How do you know what’s best for me?”
“I’m just sure it will be. Don’t worry. Let’s order an appetizer. Do you like chicken or beef on nachos?”
Bryce grimaced.
The lanky waiter came to their table. “We’ll start out with nachos,” Bryce ordered.
“Chicken or beef on top?”
Bryce spoke without hesitation. “Definitely chicken.”

My review of the Radio concert is using breakthrough technology to bring concerts into your home for at the very least, the price of a pack of gum. In the latest case, it was to see punk rock Apocalypse Radio, a band from Utah comprised of some truly fabulous musicians.

More than a decade ago, friends Brian Patchett and Branden Steineckert started recording their songs on an 8-track, developing their love of punk, rock & roll and having a good time.Today their efforts have culminated into an awesome band with entertaining shows. Joining the guys on stage last night was Atom Willard from Angels & Airwaves on drums and Drew Hamnett of The Trademark on bass. Patchett shows his skill on vocals, guitar, and mandolin. Steineckert is currently the drummer for Rancid and former drummer for The Used, but is on vocals and guitar for AR.


Keith Driskill - A Time of Innocence (Pick of the Week)

Now a family man with four kids, Keith Driskill has been playing guitar since he was just ten years old and his album A Time of Innocence shows it; he knows his stuff. Born and raised in Kentucky, he later lived in Louisiana and Seattle before ultimately rooting himself in Utah.

The combination of Driskill’s acoustic finger style technique and the absence of vocals assists the listener in reaching a certain serene and introspective state. The ethereal quality allows room for contemplation, and as Driskill intended, the music is there “to deepen us and awaken us to a consciousness above the mundane routines of life.”

Keep Reading

Fallon Crush - Pick of the Week

Fallon Cush’s self-titled album is a seamlessly polished sound that anyone with the ability to hear will likely dub as a great record. Recorded in Sydney, Australia and mastered at the infamous Abbey Road Studios, the group’s efforts culminated into the album within just seven days. With Steve Smith at the forefront, well-known Australian musicians keyboardist Scott Aplin, guitarist Matt Galvin, bassist Bill Gibson, and drummers Josh Schuberth and Bert Thomson come together to make Fallon Cush.

Plain and simple, this album is one to be in the collection of......