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Ring around the Rosie

So today I got stuck in a roundabout. Oh, I also had my interview for Communications Specialist -went well I think, will know by Friday- but back to the roundabout. I felt so absolutely ridiculous. Maybe it was the fact that I cut someone off just so I could do the laps around the roundabout that made it so silly. I've been in a couple of these here contraptions in my day, but always knew "get off at 2nd exit." This time, I was looking for a street name. NOT an easy task when you're driving in a circle trying to simultaneously get out of peoples' way and not hit them. Before I got into this thing, also known as the 10th Circle of Hell, I was not a happy camper. I was tired, sick, and just wanted to be home. What made the whole experience better for me was a glance back in my right blind spot, and there's a young lady getting beeped at; this poor thing looks like she's just been shouted at by someone's housekeeper. I could read her mind. It meekly …


Do some peoples' laughs just really bring up your mood? Like the kind where your hamster just died, you had a bad day at work, sat in rush hour traffic for an hour, and just their laugh can bring up your spirits? For me, I LOVE this guy's laugh. Tony the DJ on Ellen. Just his laugh can make me laugh. What do you think?
In other news, I still don't have a job. Ha! Not really a laughing matter, I know. I had a bunch of leads last week and then not so much this week. I have an in person interview tomorrow, and I'm still battling a VERY bad cold (body aches, fever, sore throat, lethargy [more than normal], stuffed nose, you get the point) so I'll have to bring my AA+ game along to make up for that.

I hope you're prepared for the impending Zombie Apocalypse on Saturday!

Billy Joel - Last Play at Shea/Live at Shea Stadium- Good times :)

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening, you should check out Billy Joel’s Live at Shea Stadium and companion DVD, Last Play at Shea. And at just over 3 and a half hours long, with a big flat screen and surround sound (or not), you’ll think you’re actually at the concert. The guest appearances run the gamut from Steven Tyler and Garth Brooks, to arguably one of the best, Sir Paul McCartney. The CDs cover all the songs performed on the DVD save for the tracks with these guest artists and Joel’s playful banter with the audience. However, we do hear Joel advising a couple in the audience who just got engaged in the crowd to “get a prenup” in “She’s Always a Woman.”

Yeah yeah yeahhh Keepin' the Faith

Check out Swenlo, Generators of Evil Part I- It's pretty cool

The creator of Generators of Evil Part 1, Vadim Sahakian, goesby a few names, including Midav, and his project name, Swenlo. He has been making music and playing classical piano and guitar for over a decade. He wanted to express himself in both simpler and more meaningful ways, though, and that was the start of his electronic music production. Swenlo created his own music label, Spirit Charity, which fosters likeminded artists with the outlet to create freely. This psychedelic album begins with what sounds like it could be a newscast bringing with it a feeling of foreboding while talking about “the beginning,” the backdrop being a bevy of dark, ominous sounds. Then after some talk in an Asian language, at around the two minute mark, there is a slow guitar lead-in to a segment that emulates the muffled, echo-y quality of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth.”  Continue Reading... And get the free download!

TV: What is it good for?