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So I've been able to keep my tips for 2 nights so far. The other time spent (2 weeks) was ALL training in which I made a fabulous 7 something an hour- how can people live on minimum wage these days? I couldn't do that, and I don't even have kids..- anyway, the first night I was working I accidentally brewed iced tea in the coffee pot (teehee) What an ultramaroon! I felt so silly, but luckily I was forgiven since it was "my first day." But even still, c'mon..I was a teeny bit embarrassed, and mind you, I don't often get embarrassed. Other than that, the two nights went pretty darn well if I do say so myself. The restaurant has been "REALLY slow" for this time of year. Just my luck. With July 4th next week, it'll be even more dead. Nice.

One of my BFFs is getting married in August in California and I'm trying to save up money to get there. This is where she's getting married

Does it get much more beautiful than that? I'm super exci…

Here's a Tip

So I'm not gonna write a paragraph telling why I haven't written on my bloggage in about 3 weeks - simply put, nothing really happened. I turned another year older...woohoo! I went to visit PA and had a great time with friends and family. (I never quite remember how much I miss them until I go back.) I got a job. Finally. It's waitressing at a more upscale restaurant than say, Applebee's, and it took me 3 interviews to get it. Imagine that. More interviews than it took for me to get a desk job at an insurance company. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories to tell once I start there. (Training starts Tuesday.) I can't wait to make some money!!

What was the worst service you ever had at a restaurant? I had some pretty bad stuff one time in NYC at a pizza eatery, of all places! We walked in as a group, saw the girl who was supposed to be our waitress sitting chatting with her co-worker. We waited about 10 minutes for her to come over, afte…

Jared McCloud - Painful Words of Loving Grace

If front man Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd and Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate both had bad colds and merged their voices, it might produce the voice of Jared McCloud on Painful Words of Loving Grace. I’m not sure if the CD name is meant to be a play on words, but unfortunately it’s a little too accurate.

McCloud played in numerous bands, until 2009 when he decided that going solo would be the best choice for his musical career.  Since then the Connecticut native has been improving his songwriting abilities, and transitioning his sound from hard rock to a lighter, more bare bones sound. Keep Reading...