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Don't hold the pickles

Why do people, especially young girls, think they're SO entitled? I mean, I understand the Now Generation and all that, but c'mon. I'm walking out of JCPenney and there are two young (maybe 17) girls walking about behind me. The one girl says, "That's when the party gets started, son!" Now, to my understanding, the girl had not given birth to the other apparent female, but there are some odd family trees, so ya never know. Anyway, being the decent person I am, I held the door open for her. Not only did she not speed up at all, she didn't even attempt to reach her arm out to hold the door open for herself. So let me get this straight. This girl expects me to stand and hold the door open for her while she strolls out with not so much as a thank you? Oh, no. So the next door I just let go in her face.

Same thing with pedestrians. BOY do I just want to run over them sometimes. It's usually only the women. They'll start to cross, you'll yield to th…

Tired, dry trainers?

I'm a fan of personal trainers. I've only worked with one, actually. But I'm a fan of the whole concept. I'm not saying that I'm not accountable to myself, but you HAVE to show up for them or else you're a jerk (and wasteful of money). Not only that, I like to be able to prove myself, and with someone there breathing down my neck I can show someone right away just how awesome I am. It's the instant gratification I need while waiting for the results to show on my body.

I had a great trainer a while ago. He would push me further when I thought I couldn't do that last rep, gave me great tips on nutrition,  and had me doing creative workouts and exercises. Man, would I be sore the next day! He also gave me a fantastic price. Unfortunately, some personal issues came up (with him), and we stopped working together.

So I walk into the gym the other day after a 2 week-ish hiatus. This guy asks me if I want a free training session. His tone is like Ben Stein, but…