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My Interview with MoeTar :)

On a sunny day at the end of January, I had a Skype chat with the two founding members of MoeTar, Moorea Dickason and Tarik Ragab, an alternative/prog/art rock band from California. Moorea informed me they were going to be “those cliché California people” and be going to the beach shortly, so I got the interviewing rolling right away. Christen LaFond: How was the band formed? How did MoeTar start? Moorea Dickason: Well…Tarik and I are married and that’s why it’s really easy for us to do interviews at home in our kitchen [laughs]. He’s a songwriter and bass player and I’m a singer and arranger. We’ve been together for 10 years and we’ve made music together since we met. We met through music. This band is our baby. Tarik really started it, writing the music…we’ve had a couple bands in the past that kind of faded out and this was going to be our big project. The two of us started working out the music and then we asked some guys to get together and start a band, man. [laughs]